ABOUT LifePrint

Curtis D. Harper - Chief Video Engineer

A Florida native and no stranger to the beauty of nature. Capturing it's essense something that he has always been passionate about. Beauty exists everywhere: capturing and communicating that beauty digitaly is just one way to celebrate it.After moving from North to Central Florida in the 90's, his passion grew. The seed was planted,and Place Productions was born.


Understanding the importance of light, Curtis began exploring how it allows us to view the hard flowing lines of architecture and the soft dissapearing lines of God's dominate creation, human life. Every shoot, set, event and day offers a new experience; therefore he approaches each situation differently and uniquely. Curtis brings 8 years experience as a Director of Photography and Editor. In 2008, Curtis graduated from the University of Central Florida, whereas he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media, and a minor in Studio Art. After graduation, he did freelance photography and served as Lead Videographer for KrazeTV, a talk-show that discusses issues that teens and young adults encounter on a daily basis. He entered into weddings, commercials, studio and concert photography. He has developed a portfolio with Florida Hospital, ESPN Films, VladTV and My Christian Films.


Lets create!

Ashley Hainesworth - Sales Manager

Ashley Hainesworth was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Throughout her childhood she was involved in and a member of many different youth groups that allowed her to find her passions. Ashley is passionate about the advancement of youth and young adults and looks for ways for them to have opportunities to learn. With that in mind she is one of our top sales managers here at LifePrint and look forward to speaking with you about your next design, video or social media project. 


Mihell Wilson - Publishing Director

Michell is a native of Florida and a graduate from the University of Central Florida where she received her Bachelors Degree in Radio Television & Communications. She extended her education at Nova Southeastern University receiving her Master’s Degree in Education Leadership. She is excited to help you get your next book project from editing, typesetting, book cover art and publishing. 


Lejardin Christopher Simmons -  Video Engineer I’m passionate at what I do. The question you may ask is what is it that I do? Funny you should ask, I’m a Dancer and Videographer.


I realized that I had a unique gift of dance at the tender age of 7 years old. My love for film making was realized in my freshman year of high school. God has truly blessed me with the skills to bring about his work through this zeal of movement I can create with my body and the fascinating creativity I have in creating videos. I used to label myself as a failure because I never really saw the value I had in myself. It wasn't until I fully started to walk in my God given purpose that I understood my value. I took off the mental oppression of what the enemy said about me and put on the righteous empowerment of the way God sees me into my heart.


I am proud to be part owner in LifePrint Media which provide a quality in video engeneering, graphic design, web development and social media. I am a groundbreaking innovator of my generation! I am an Artist!


Nathan J. Shaw Jr- Chief Servant Officer

Through his extensive experience in marketing and advertising Nathan has worked in the field for more than 12 years.
While in the promotional product industry, Nathan consistently earned top sales associate. The product lines consisted of apparel, business stationary, and sports uniforms.


He has served as marketing director for several organizations. His responsibilities include overseeing teams that produce websites, brand develpment, product placement, event marketing and weekly video production. Nathan always strives to be on the cutting edge in his approach. Maximizing technology has consistently helped him remain relevant in an industry that is always changing.


In 2010, Nathan decided to start a company that would allow him to assist small businesses, organizations, and ministries achieve a level of excellence, effectiveness and efficiency at an affordable cost. In 2011 Nathan was compeeled to began a non profit organization for youth called Youth Empowerment Project, Inc. (YEP). This organization was formed to help youth and young adults Identify, Activate & Walk in their Purpose. After 5 years of working both in the non profit and non profit world Nathan decided to develop the best of both worlds. LifePrint Media is not only a media company but it is one that directly serves youth and young adults by offering training, workshops, internships and opportunities for employment. A percentage of every single sale that comes through this company is given back to aid youth through the vehcile of Youth Empowerment Project. Each time you do business with us know that you are helping to make an incredible difference in the next generation.

These are some of the services that we provide here at NJS Enterprises:


BRAND DEVELOPMENT: A brand is something that every business and/or organization needs no matter how large or small. Essentially, it is the identity of your company. It separates you from your competition. A brand should represent who you are before you are seen. We pride ourselves in creating brands that are a direct reflection of its visionaries. 


PROMOTIONAL START-UP KIT: People will tell you to never judge a book by its cover; however, it is what we all do each and every day. It’s our belief that how you represent your company, is as equally important as the services you offer. We can develop a promotional start-up kit that includes designing your business stationary, business apparel, and company flyers.


MARKETING STATEGY: In order to be effective in business, it takes planning and strategy. The reason most businesses fail is not because of their product, but rather the lack of a proper marketing strategy. Our consultants will develop a 5 step plan designed to fortify your companies marketing strategy. 


EVENT CONSULTATION: Because we are dedicated to the success of your brand, we desire to personally meet with you to discuss your branding needs and desires.  We can meet at a time that is convenient for you. In addition, our team of professionals will provide you with the necessary tools needed to create a successful advertising campaign or event. A specific plan will be developed for your company to make sure your vision is manifested.


VIDEO PRODUCTION: In this modern world of technology, consumers respond by what they see and hear rather than what they read. It is important to develop quality video media that displays the excellence of your product or service. We can produce television quality commercials, web promotions; highlight videos, and event advertisements. In addition, we provide video and sound recording/editing services that will meet your desired needs.


WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT: We are committed to providing you with a professional, user friendly website that will attract customers to your business! We have over 10 years of experience. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Did you know that approximately 85% of consumers research companies online before doing business with them? This is the #1 reason why investing in a website for your company is extremely important! Let us develop your brand and a website to fit your needs.  


NJS provided design services, video production and marketing consultation for the featured display for Katrina’s Kreations Dessert Boutique.  We assisted her in developing ways to maximize her cupcake sales.  As a result, she had great success at a recent Women’s Retreat. What a great display.  www.KatrinasKreations.com


Nathan J. Shaw Jr., started a nonprofit organization that is built
to equip, expose and empower youth
to be successful. A percentage of all LP sales will be contributed to this great cause. www.YouthEP.org


This is an entreprenuership cirriculumn that teaches youth ages 12-18 years old about the aspects of business and how to become an entreprenuer.